Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Spray Foam as Floral Foam

Many of our items can simply be dropped into a vase. In some circumstances though, you might want to secure individual items in the container in specific positions. Stones and standard floral foam are good options, but spray foam might be one the best choices. When the material comes out of the can it has all the strength of whipped cream. Once it cures though, it is a strong and rubbery foam that grips items tight, and is very forgiving and resilient if you are the type of person that keeps on rearranging.

A great attribute of it is that you simply spray it into the container and it will fit the space. No more cutting floral foam to size! In this example, we used an inexpensive terracotta pot.

The supplies - a garden pot and the spray foam. In addition to what's shown, you'll need to taper over the hole in the bottom of the pot, and wear some disposable gloves.

Spraying in the spray foam. Note the use of gloves - while I tend to not take every precaution, you really don't want to get the foam on you or anything else. When you spray it in, keep in mind that it will expand significantly, so leave ample space towards the top for it to do so. At this stage, the foam has the consistency and strength of whipped cream.

After curing overnight, the floral foam is stiff and ready to go.

Here's a display made using Avena and Wheat. I cut the stems at an angle, and inserted them into the floral foam.

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