Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Few Stems of Craspedia

We received this nice note from a customer who decorated an event with just a few stems of Craspedia in some colorful vases. It doesn't take much to have an impact!

Probity Advisors, Inc. hosted a wine, cheese and beer tasting event in Dallas on August 11, 2011. The event was held at a local wine bar and winery called Times Ten Cellars in partnership with an amazing local cheese shop, Scardello Artisan Cheese . We wanted to add some d├ęcor and interest to the unique space we reserved, but we didn’t want to compete with the wine, cheese and beer tasting or the cool art and furniture in the room. The space originally had votive candles on all the tables and surfaces, but since it’s been over 100 degrees in Dallas consistently this summer, the thought of candles during a heat wave seemed very unappealing. So, we decided to go with the dried flowers instead and purchased two bunches of Craspedia from nettletonhollow.com. We also purchased an assortment of vases from West Elm for just $6 each -- made of recycled glass and that come in variety of cool colors, including browns/amber, turquoises, light blues, and yellows. We cut the Craspedia stems so they would sit just above the height of the vases and arranged three stems of varying heights in each vase. The effect was perfect. The flowers were modern and added interest to the environment, and they were just the right size so they left room for all the glassware and plates that eventually took over the tables after our five rounds of tastings. If Probity Advisors, Inc. does another tasting or other event for our clients, associates and friends, we will definitely visit your website for decorating inspiration and ideas. I already have my eye on your cool Manzanita and Mitsumata branches.

Thank you so much!

Cinco Calfee
Probity Advisors, Inc.
Dallas, TX

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