Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Flowering White Sparkle Birch Centerpieces

Although White Sparkle Birch Branches are most popular during the winter months, they can be used to make great displays for any season. We got this email from a customer who used them for centerpieces for her summer wedding last year:


I purchased the sparkly white birches for my wedding last year. They
made beautiful, inexpensive centerpieces. Photos attached.

We made two tone blossoms with tissue paper and wire. These were
twisted on, counting about 15-20 flowers for each set of branches
after they were fanned out. For the base, we filled the vase with pool
salt (super cheap) and wrapped a pink envelope & green ribbon around

Thanks for making such great products available!

Kindest Regards,

Susie J."

The blossoms and the choice of colors take the centerpieces from cool and wintry, to warm and summery.  I love the clever tips Susie mentioned, such as wrapping the inexpensive glass vases with envelopes tied with a contrasting ribbon, and using pool salt as vase filler. 

In a follow-up email, Susie went into detail about why she ended up making the centerpieces she did: 

"The reception hall had high vaulted ceilings so tall centerpieces were a must; but tall centerpieces also means more $$$. Though I love flowers, I wanted something that lasted more than a week (as they would be given as gifts after) and low maintenance. Originally, crystal trees were wanted, but overall, the theme didn't fit my summer wedding or budget."

The flowers are very impressive, and she was nice enough to describe how she created them herself:

"After several trials, we ended up with tissue paper, streamers, and flowering wire.
flat tissue paper - one shade of light pink
party streamers - colors as follows: 

-dark pink
-medium pink
-medium green
-lime green

These three shades of pink combined, added texture as well as saved time in cutting. I cut small squares from the tissue paper & squares from the streamers. Stack these, lightest colors on top-with every other layer touching corners; at the bottom of each stack, add a square of each green; Fan fold the little bunch & twist the flowering wire on (about 5 inch piece down the middle); after securing the center of the tissue bunch, (should be 2.5inchs/more of wire down each side), fan out the paper & try to pull each corner in a different direction. For more green and less work, we also worked in just buds of leaves (green squares with wiring) on assorted branches for a fuller look."

Over a year later she still has one of the centerpieces in her home looking great. Thanks so much Susie for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Where did you find your vases at?

Justin said...

Hi - We get most of our accessories at Jamali Garden- Hope this helps!