Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Manzanita Centerpieces with Butterflies and Azaleas

Branchy form on a small scale. The director of the Texas children's charity A Wish With Wings, Kim Christian, contacted us looking for branches for their annual fundraiser "Butterfly Wishes." They needed branches that were no more than 12" tall on which faux butterflies could perch, and thought that our Natural Birch Branches would do well.  Although the Natural Birch is great for tall centerpieces, Manzanita is the best choice for providing a branchy look on such a small scale. (That is why Stanley Ruiz used them in his work that you can see here and here.) We donated a case of 50 of the Project Grade 10-12" Natural Manzanita Branches, and some additional branches from our Brooklyn supply. They quickly put together some mockups and sent us the pictures above.

The Manzanita Branches aside, a great thing about the centerpieces is that potted Azaleas, rather than cut flowers are used for the fresh floral element. Guests will be able to bring home living mementos of the occasion for their gardens (and everlasting Manzanita branches for their homes).

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