Saturday, May 9, 2009

Manzanita Centerpieces in Silver

We quickly transformed those Manzanita centerpieces we made a while back with a can of metallic silver spray paint. The silver spray paint did a fantastic job of covering the branches in pretty much one coat. The smaller Manzanita centerpiece on the right was first natural, then white, then red, and now silver. The larger Manzanita centerpiece was the natural color before we painted it. 

Here we decorated the taller Manzanita centerpiece with two new items - Red Hanging Amaranthus and Reindeer Moss. We attached the Hanging Amaranthus using the same technique demonstrated in "Hanging Hanging Amaranthus" but this time attached paper clips to the bundles with small cable ties. 

The smaller silver Manzanita centerpiece was decorated just with the Reindeer Moss. 

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