Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hanging Floral Tubes

Here are some pictures of hanging floral tubes with flowers and adorned with ribbon, hanging from the card tree we made for an earlier post

While poking around Jamali Garden the other day, I came across some clear floral tubes that looked a lot like test tubes. That reminded me of a picture a customer sent us a while back showing what looked like test tubes with flowers in them hanging from some branches. I grabbed a package of the floral tubes ($10 for 100 tubes and caps) and got to work. It turned out that it was exceptionally quick and easy to attach a wire to the cap to get them to hang.
Here are the tools and supplies, which consist of nothing more than some fine wire, the floral tubes and caps, and my Leatherman to cut the wire:

What you want to do is cut a length of wire, and push both ends down through the top of the cap near the opposite edges. Then wrap the wire back up and around itself. You could also use string, but then you'd have to use a needle or something to thread it through the cap. The wire was stiff enough so you could simply poke it through the cap. Here's a picture of the finished cap: 

Once you have your cap all wired up, simply snap it onto the floral tube. While the wire may keep it from as being as secure as it otherwise would be, we didn't encounter any problems with the cap separating from the floral tube (of course if you use much thicker wire, you might have some problems). 

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