Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wedding Card Trees - Take Two

There are always lots of cards at weddings, whether they be place cards, escort cards, or cards on which your guests have written their wishes for the bride and groom. While you could just arrange the cards on a table, a clever way to do it is to display them on branches. For this, Natural Manzanita seems to be most frequently used. Here's an example of Natural Manzanita being used in this way from Style Me Pretty, and here's a picture of Natural Manzanita being used again from The Knot.

We love Natural Manzanita, of course, but its dense branchiness limits the number of cards you can display on them (likely 10-15 per arrangement of 3 branches of the 18-24" size) - if you are going to have a lot of guests, that adds up to a lot of different displays. While you could use larger Natural Manzanita branches, once you go over the 36-42" they have to go via basis freight which really adds to the cost.

Although Manzanita is one of the best choices for hanging heavy objects like crystals, cards are light enough so pretty much any branch will do. Here's a previous post where we created a card display out of brushy birch branches. Now here's our latest version, using three branches of Brown Kuwa ($14.50 for a bundle of 5), small black cable ties, and paper clips (and some business cards, standing in):

As you can see, for each branch, you can fit A LOT of cards - 15 to 20, so for each display you can probably fit 50-60 cards. And here's a close-up:
Kuwa lacks any side branches, allowing guests to easily reach in and take their card, or place a card. We skipped string altogether, which would likely get tangled. The paper clips allow the cards to be easily attached and removed - no fussing with knots required. As for the cable ties, you could use string, wire or ribbon to attach the paper clips, but the cable ties allow them to be quickly and tightly attached to the branches - a tight fit is important if you want to adjust the angle of the paper clips. If you are going to use a light colored branch such as Natural Kuwa or Mitsumata, you should opt for the white cable ties if you want them to blend in.

Total cost to display 50-60 cards? Under $25, including the vase.

P.S. - Of course you can use this as a cool way to display your business cards, as shown here.


Mrs. Designher said...

I have a trade show in a few weeks and this is such an AWESOME idea on how to display business cards. YOU ROCK :)

anne said...

I definitely love your wedding card tree. Such a brilliant idea. Very good job. :)