Thursday, June 28, 2007

Spectacular Sword Fern (at least we think so)

We've found that there tends to be an inverse correlation between our enthusiasm for a product, and that of our customers. Sword Fern is a prime example. When we first got it, we were doing all sorts of things with it, such as placing it in frames, arranging it in circular, star-like patterns on a table to form a spectacular base for candles, arranging it in an over-sized glass vase with Sarracenia to create a terrarium-like display. At Christmas, it was a huge hit as part of the gift wrapping - I placed a single Sword Fern frond between a burgundy satin bow and the kraft paper I used to wrap the packages. Surely, Sword Fern was going to be one of our most successful launches.

No such luck. Sword Fern has doggedly maintained the far end of the long-tail of our product line. Normally, such items would get the ax, but we are going to keep this one as long as we can, even if it is just for us to play with.

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