Friday, June 29, 2007

Card Trees / Wish Trees

Branches are a fantastic means for displaying escort cards, and are what you need for creating a "wish tree" where your guests hang little notes on branches.

Here's what we used to create this display:

  1. 6-10 stems Brushy Birch Branches (a bundle has 20-25);
  2. A square gold pot;
  3. Heavy-duty floral foam;
  4. River Stones; and
  5. Paper clips.
And here's what you need to do:
  1. Open the Brushy Birch Branches.
  2. Slice of a piece of floral foam 1-2" thick to fit into the bottom of the pot. A butter knife works just fine.
  3. Pour an inch or so of the stones over the floral foam.
  4. Push the Brushy Birch Branches through the floral foam, and repeat and rearrange until you have a configuration you like.
  5. Pour the remainder of the stones into the pot and around the branches.
Now you have your display. Most of what we've heard and read about Card Trees or Wish Trees involves having the guests untying or tying their cards. This means that you'll not only have to punch holes through your cards, but your guests will have to fuss with the knots, which could be a bit difficult for older members of the party, after a few glasses of champagne, and in the romantic low light.

Instead, make the connection to the card with a paper clip so your guests can effortlessly pull the cards off, or put them on. If you want the look of the ribbon or string, you can simply tie the paper clip on at the end. You'll minimize the fussing of your guests and end up with much prettier bows.

Also, if you are going to have a ton of cards, make multiple displays (you can get 2-3 of what's shown above out of one bundle of the Brushy Birch Branches), and group the cards alphabetically. This will help prevent bottlenecks.

Manzanita is also another candidate for a Card Tree or Wish Tree. Here's a picture of Escort Card Trees made from Natural Manzanita. Ours tends to be more dense, so you may have to get out your clippers to do a little pruning to make space for the cards.

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