Thursday, February 6, 2014

Get Inspired With Yucca Poles

Yucca Poles provide a tall and unique accent. 
If you are looking for tall and distinctive decorative branches to fill a large vase or urn, Yucca Poles are an excellent choice. They are also the least expensive item we have that's around 6 feet tall.

Currently, a bundle of 10 Yucca Poles ranging from 5-7' feet tall is $100.00, which includes the shipping. If you need a large quantity, the base cost for 100 Yucca Poles is $2.25. We also have Yucca Poles that are as tall as 10-12'.

Yucca Poles are uniquely light yet strong, perhaps even surpassing Bamboo in the strength-to-weight department. The outer layer of material is particularly strong and fibrous, while the interior is a soft pith.

Another distinctive attribute is the spire-like form. The base of a 5-7' Yucca Pole can range from 1-2 inches, while tapering to a point over the length of the decorative branch.

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