Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Manzanita Branch with Butterflies

Here's a picture of a beautifully simple centerpiece that a customer made with a Natural Manzanita Branch. It may be tempting to load up branches with all sorts of items, but often just a few elements can have a great impact and really let the form of the branch stand out.


Sylvia said...


I love your blog! It's been immensely helpful to me because I'm making my own wedding centerpieces out of manzanita branches, and all of my questions have been answered by your posts!

I am currently stuck on construction and really need your advice! I have large 36" branches and am trying to make them look more symmetrical by attaching shorter, thinner ones, but I don't know how to do this. I'm afraid that if I try to nail them together, one or both branches will split. My wedding is in a few weeks and I'm desperate! I really hope you can help!

Thanks so much!


Justin said...

We're glad you have found the blog useful and congratulations on the wedding!

Yeah, I definitely wouldn't try nailing or screwing the branches together - they are hard as can be and brittle. What I'd do is use black cable ties, perhaps with a little hot glue to secure them together. The junction shouldn't be too visible, but if you'd rather not see them you can wrap them with some moss. Any exposed ends that stick out like a sore thumb because the wood is blonde and the bark is brown you can color in with a black marker.

Hope this helps!