Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fall Manzanita Branch Centerpiece Mockup

When preparing for a large event, something we always recommend is to do a mockup before buying all the materials, which allows one to more precisely determine quantities and how to execute the designs, and discover any unanticipated costs and complications.

Amber M. is getting married next fall and wasn't sure about making her own centerpieces. After doing some research on the site and the blog, and emailing us some follow-up questions (encouraged and always welcome!) she was confident enough to take the plunge and do a mock-up.

The result is this beautiful and simple Manzanita centerpiece. Note that just one Manzanita Branch is used for the display - using just one allows the form of the branch to really stand out, and of course it helps keep the cost down. She reports that the total cost should come out to less than $15.00 for each centerpiece.


Anonymous said...

cute! What size manzanita is this?

Justin said...

Perfect for fall! That's the 18-24" size.