Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Beach Centerpiece with Fountain Grass and Corkscrew Willow

Here's a quick and easy beach centerpiece that stands about four feet tall, made from Fountain Grass and Corkscrew Willow Branches.  We positioned the grass and branches in the middle of the vase, providing space within the vase to arrange other "beachy" objects.

The materials we used were the following:

1 bundle Fountain Grass
Miscellaneous Shells;
1 14" tall, 4" diameter Glass Cylinder;
Pea Gravel; and
1 Rubber Band. 

The cylinder and shells we picked up at Jamali Garden, and we got the pea gravel at the home improvement store (it's around $4 for a very big bag). Variations could be to use sand or another material that evokes the beach as filler, and a larger diameter vase would allow you to include more objects  in the display. 

Here we go:

1. Grab the bundle of Fountain Grass, and start arranging the Corkscrew Willow Branches around the outside. Once you have the items roughly where you want them, secure the arrangement at the base with the rubber band. You want to keep the arrangement under control, while allowing the grass and branches to splay outward. 

2. Holding the arrangement in the middle of the vase, pour the gravel around arrangement. You want to leave enough space in the vase and around the arrangement to place objects that will help evoke the beach. 

3. Make any final adjustments to the position of the branches. 

4. Add shells and whatever else you'd like to include in the display. 


SpoiledPink12 said...

Is this real fountain grass...and where would I be able to purchase fountain grass like this and the corkscrew willow branches as well...I just love the idea for my centerpieces for my upcoming vow renewal in January...it is beach themed!

Justin said...

We're glad you like it and congratulations on the renewal! Indeed, that's real grass, which has been dyed. You can get the grass and branches here - http://www.nettletonhollow.com/fountain-grass.html