Saturday, April 18, 2009


I spent a bit of time the other day playing around with a new dried grass we've added to our line up -  Phalaris, which has attractive oval seed heads set atop wiry stems. As with all new products, although we really like it, it has "probationary" status - we're waiting to get a good sense of how popular it is among the folks that count (you!), before we add it to the permanent selection.

We ship Phalaris tied in the middle with raffia - simply remove it from the package and give it a twist for a nice free-standing display...

...or untie the bundle and drop it into a vase. 

In this display we combined it with Cockscomb - it's all about the contrast.

I made a quick and easy "harvest centerpiece" with one bundle of Phalaris and one bundle of Golden Wheat. I held the bundle of Golden Wheat in one hand, and added in about a quarter of a bundle of Phalaris every 90 degrees. Then I gave the bundle a twist, did some final fussing, tied it with a bow and trimmed the base flat so it could stand on its own.

Here I accented a display of Dried Lavender with a few stems of Phalaris and some Golden Wheat. 


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous ideas! I used your ideas in my blog.

I like that you use the items in your store for your projects. It gives the buyer creative starts for ideas. Thanks!

Justin said...

We're glad you like our blog and thanks so much for the great post!