Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Green Wedding Design and Decorative Branches

Substituting decorative branches for fresh flowers is a fantastic way for event designers, wedding planners and others who handle events to greatly reduce the ecological costs of their events, while providing dramatic visual impact and significant financial savings. Today, these benefits are more relevant than ever. 

Instead of each and every event requiring large volumes of flowers, often flown in from another hemisphere and which will be discarded at the end of the night - decorative branches on hand from prior events - can be used for the present event - and then reused for future events. In addition to the dramatic ecological savings, significant money can be saved, as instead of one event having to cover the entire cost of the botanical decor, the cost of the branches can be factored across multiple events. 

Simon Daykin of Firefly Occasions has been using our Manzanita Branches and Birch Poles just this way for over a year now to create the trees that have become the company's signature pieces. 

The trees are assembled on site for every event. Birch Poles are set in christmas tree bases and then topped with Manzanita Branches.

Different accents are used on the trees to complement the other decor and tailor the trees for the event.

A beautiful final touch is lighting the trees from below, which really brings out and adds drama to the pieces. 

Firefly Occasions specializes in haute couture weddings and luxurious event design. The company is based in Calgary, AB, Canada but can coordinate weddings world wide. You can reach them at 1-800-791-5636.

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