Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Card Garland

Trying to figure out what to do with seating cards or other cards for your guests at your event? Here's an elegant and highly functional card garland we created from a chain from the hardware store (#200 Twist Chain) and some paper clips. Simply slide the paper clip onto the chain, and use it to attach the card. In the picture we demonstrated three different ways to hang the cards (in this case business cards are standing in for seating cards). Of course you can hang this from anything, but in the next post we'll show you how to hang it from various branches. 

The chain has a graceful drape to it, a good amount of weight to help keep it from getting tangled and to hold its form, and each link is an opportunity to adjust the position of the chain or the card. The paper clips may seem a little too "office-y" but nothing is quite as functional and will save you and your guests a lot of hassle. 

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