Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mitsumata and Hanging Votives (Brought to Life)

One of the most satisfying things about keeping this blog is seeing ideas that I came up with and presented in various posts successfully and spectacularly scaled up and brought to life in the real world. After all, what worked well for me once and for a single display might not work for someone else or for multiple displays. One of my most popular posts was on using Mitsumata Branches with hanging votives, so I was thrilled when we received this from Mary of Mystic, CT, who got married September 19, 2008:
"Dear Nettleton Hollow,

I thought it appropriate to send some pictures of my wedding centerpieces to you, I used your Mitsumata branches and Proteas, and had the hanging votive candles. They looked so beautiful and really cast an amazing ambiance at the reception. I also used one protea in my bouquet. Thank you so much, your products are just wonderful! I look forward to seeing new additions and ideas from you as well!

With Kind Regards,
Here's a close-up showing the various components of the centerpiece:

Spectacular! The Protea Repens adds a fantastic splash of color to the centerpieces. For vase filler, crushed white marble from Home Depot was used - it provides the necessary weight to keep the display stable, is as attractive as anything else, and is a fraction of the cost of something like the polished river stones that are often used. As for soaking the branches, Mary noted that luke warm water in the bathtub seemed to work the best.

A great attribute of centerpieces like this that Mary noted is that they can be put together in advance - a huge advantage for those who want to minimize things to worry about on the big day.

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