Sunday, March 30, 2008

Quality Control Complicating Quantity Control

On Friday, we received a shipment from one of our suppliers of 50 three branch bundles of what's referred to as 4' Mitsumata. How many three branch bundles of our 3-4' Mitsumata did we end up with after we subjected the shipment to our usual quality control routine? Less than 20. The yield was lower than usual, but not atypical, and the quality of what we received was within the industry standard, so we won't be complaining to our supplier. Due to the low yield though, we'll be out of 3-4' Mitsumata until April 7th or so (and that's despite 100 more bundles of the raw material coming in early next week). 

It certainly would simplify matters if we just accepted the industry standards as our own and stopped viewing what we received from our suppliers as raw materials from which we create our products. We could eliminate a lot of work, complications and costs (and lower our prices). If we ordered a quantity of X, we would know that we'd have a quantity of X to ship. But if we did this, we'd also eliminate what's been our focus, and what's made us different from the very start - superior quality. We take great pride in maintaining our high standards, and will continue to happily accept the work, complications and costs associated with doing so. 

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