Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Work of Lauren Dolinsky

One of the most appealing attributes of our products is that they will last indefinitely with minimal care, providing lasting natural form without the hassle. Lauren Dolinsky of LD Design adheres to this spirit in her works of great creativity and complexity, incorporating our products with low-maintenance succulents, air-plants and other items.
Side view of a work incorporating 10-12" Grapewood Branches, a Grapewood Trunk Section, succulents and other items.
A view from the top.

One of our Palm Boats and some Febrifuga Pods.
About Lauren Dolinsky. With a passion for design + sustainability Lauren Dolinsky launched LD Design in 2007. LD Design creates Sustainable Botanical Couture for its clients with a unique modern aesthetic blending an array of organic materials that require minimal maintenance. As a member of the US Green Building Council, Dolinsky sees that every design uses hardy, drought-tolerant plants, reclaimed, reused or recycled materials and works with many local planter/vessel manufacturers. She is set to launch a line of Sustainable Botanical Couture that will serve as permanent decor requiring zero maintenance early this year. Her designs have been described as "ethereal, playful and surreal," and can be found adorning a number of Austin lofts and boutiques - in 2008 her work will be featured in galleries in Los Angeles, Houston and Austin. LD Design does custom residential and commercial installations as well as event design. For more info visit, email or call 512-590-9909.

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