Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The New Additions

Fountain Grass: This tall green grass is stepping in for Dune Grass, which will be unavailable for a while. A great feature of Fountain Grass is that the bases are stiff enough to be placed in floral foam. Put the floral foam down, pour some stones over the top, and force the grass down through the stones into the floral foam. We tried putting the stones in last, but that didn't work.

White Sparkle Birch Branches: We've avoided items that look too "processed" in the past, but these are gorgeous.

Thika Pods: These pods are so naturally smooth and shiny that you'll be forgiven for thinking that they are artificial.

Rams Head Pods: Octopus, anyone?

Elephant Ear Pods: Although these look kind of like bean shells, they are woody and tough and have a gorgeous curly form. They come in bags of 18 - you might just be able to find one that will work as a bracelet. Scatter the rest on a table to highlight their form.

Annona Fruit: These look sort of like over-sized blackberries, but are the dried fruit of the tropical Sugar Apple.

Banana Stems: These small branches (10-12") look great in a bud vase.

Febrifuga Pods: From a tree in the mahogany family, these pods look like flowers - a cluster of three makes a nice stand-in for water lily flowers.

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Nancy J. said...

I absolutely adore the fountain grass!